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As of January 1, 2022:
Reading Plus and Lexia Learning now provide sales and support directly

Academic Edge has loved being your sole source provider for Reading Plus throughout Kentucky, but even great partnerships come to an end. With this transition, Academic Edge, Inc. is unable to provide any new sales or support for these products. We will be working updates, and have sent all our clients notes about this transition. As we are provided more specific information, we will share it directly (and update here too!). If you reach out to us, we will help in any way we can. Contact information for the internal teams so far is:

Lexia Customer Support

Reading Plus Customer Support
800-READ-PLUS (option1)

Sadly, even really great things sometimes come to an end… 

…and that is, unfortunately, true for our 10+ year partnerships with both Reading Plus and Lexia Learning. As you may know, both companies were acquired by other companies this year.

Reading Plus and Lexia Learning will now support you directly

  • Reading Plus (now Dreambox Learning) and Lexia (now a part of Cambium) each decided to end their long-standing relationships with all domestic third-party sales, training, and support folks, like Academic Edge.
  • Effective January 1, 2022, all sales and support for Dreambox Learning tools (including Reading Plus) and for all Cambium Learning solutions (including Lexia Core5, Powerup, and more) will be handled solely by their internal teams.
  • In the upcoming weeks and into the New Year, as each company finalizes how this transition will work, we will be reaching out to each of you to provide additional information to foster continuity of service for your team and learners.

While we will no longer be able to sell additional Reading Plus and Lexia products after the end of the year, we are happy to assist if you run into issues. Moving forward, we want you to continue to be as successful as you have been in the past, and will help in any way we can!

We have very much enjoyed the many relationships with so many of you around these great products, and love love love that we have helped make a difference in so many Kentucky learners’ lives through our partnerships with, and training and support of your teams.

Symphony Math. A Foundation for Understanding.

We are now the reseller for Symphony Math, a program that covers the math curriculum for K through 5th grade. As such, it is also very effective for struggling 6th graders and above who need help before going to pre-algebra. Integrating the Growth Mindset Ideas of Carol Dweck, the driving force is, I don’t understand that part of Math YET!

How Can We Help You?

Symphony Math Instructional Program

Rick Goldsworthy

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Education Consulting

Are you looking to improve the educational outcomes for your entire school? Are looking for a systematic and structured approach to school and classroom change? Or are you looking for individual solutions to thorny teaching and learning problems. Our team can help. Let us know about your needs, and we’ll let you know what we can do to help you!

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