Thank you for the many years of support. We no longer sell or support third-party educational software. Consulting and research services available.

So long... and thanks for all the fish!

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It's time to say goodbye!

So… forgive the Douglas Adams reference. You either get it, or you don’t….

Due to changes in the educational software marketplace, specifically mergers and acquisitions that internalized sales and support of many vendors products, we have decided its a great time to pack up and move on to life’s next great adventure, whatever that may be*… 🙂

If you have been one of our many, many (many!) clients over the years… thank you! Your support and friendship has meant the world to us. Support of any of the products we have loved and supported over the years is not directly by the vendor of those products. Please contact them directly as we will no longer be able to provide sales of support information. We will be removing content from our site over time. Forgive us if a few dated pieces remain. Its hard to pack up the whole house and move on!

Whether you ‘got’ the fish reference or not, let’s all hope the dolphins don’t leave us. That said, WE are leaving the market, so so long and thanks, seriously, for all of your kindness, friendship, and support over the years. It’s been a long fun ride for all of us at The Academic Edge.

From a day school in the early 80s to simultaneously being one of the first organizations to use computers (Apple IIe’s) as we extended into test preparation! In fact, we were a model for Davidson and Associates as they got going.

We branched apart in the 90s, with Richard (Rick) Goldsworthy, PhD, leading a wide range of health and health behavior media research and development projects with NIH, CDC, and many private and public institutions, ADHD, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, FASD, sexual health, and so much more. Rick continues his interest in all things health and health behavioral change, especially involving media and interventions. Shoot him a note sometime! Sex, drugs, rock and roll, games, videos, job aids and other support tools… how to do better understand the things people do, and change them…

…while George and Betsy began selling and supporting reading and math software throughout Kentucky and the region, including Lexia Learning, Reading Plus, Dreambox, Symphony Math, and so much more. With the passing of George in 2017, Rick stepped in to assist with this, and AEI continued to see many years of big year over year growth, helping hundreds of thousands of learners, and their teachers. Unfortunately, always beholden as a third party reseller on the whims of the software manufacturers, two of our biggest platforms were acquired, and internalized all sales, letting go all domestic third party sales and support teams. Great to show a bottom line profit increase in year 1, not so great for us. Hope everyone is getting the same great service and support you came to expect from us! 🙂

We will miss each and every one of these things, and each of you. Please reach out anytime. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you all: always bring a towel… Rick & Betsy Goldsworthy

* We DO know what some of it is. Academic Edge is still here for you for educational consulting for your classroom needs. Pedagogy, instructional software, we know how. And we can help! And Rick (aka Dr. Goldsworthy) is still very busy doing health, health behavior, and health behavior change consulting and research too! Reach out if we can help! 

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Cloud9World, FluencyRev, LightSail, and Penda Science now available!

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Academic Edge no longer provides sales and support for Lexia Learning and Reading Plus…

As of Jan 1, 2022, Reading Plus and Lexia Learning will provide all sales and support directly. Academic Edge can no longer provide sales or support of these excellent products as they internalized all domestic sales and support. We remain here for you for all your educational needs, including our fantastic new programs FluencyRev, Cloud9World, […]
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Lexia Core5 featured in Education SmartBrief: 3 tips for teaching special education online

Lexia Core5 featured in Education SmartBrief: 3 tips for teaching special education online Seems like 4 tips to us, but whose counting. 3, 4, its all good and it features Lexia Learning Core5! Give Teachers a Single Platform Maintain a Predictable Schedule Empower Parents With Curriculum and Tools Express Our Appreciation for Teachers For example, […]
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Lexia Core5 Reading Named Winner in 2020 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

Lexia Core5 Reading Named Winner in 2020 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence BOSTON (July 28, 2020) – Today, Lexia Learning, a Rosetta Stone company (NYSE: RST), announced that its personalized literacy programs, Lexia® Core5® Reading (Core5) was selected as a winner in the software category for the 2020 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence program. “Districts are looking […]
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Lexia Learning Literacy Products Honored as Finalists in The EdTech Awards 2020

BOSTON (May 20, 2020) – Lexia Learning, a Rosetta Stone company (NYSE: RST), today announced that its personalized literacy programs Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® and Lexia® Core5® Reading were chosen as finalists in The 2020 EdTech Cool Tool Awards byEdTech Digest. For the past 10 years, the esteemed national edtech awards program has sought to celebrate and highlight the innovators, leaders, and […]
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