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Reading & Educational Support Services in Kentucky

Reading & Educational Support Services in Kentucky

Academic Edge’s Kentucky division. We want kids to be able to read, write, and experience success. Schools want them to do that too. Really well. We help schools do that. Really really well. And easier. Among us, we have decades of in-the-trenches practical classroom and administrative experience. We know what works, what’s evidence based, what’s research and practice proven. We know how to make learning more effective, and we have the tools schools need to ramp up their learners’ achievement. Did we say easier? You bet. How can we help your class, school, or district?

Educational and Behavioral Research & Development

Academic Edge’s R&D division. We make useful stuff that helps you learn and helps you get things done. We are all about organizational and behavioral change. Not just making change happen, but conducting the research to know whether and why change occurs. Especially in the social, health, and medical fields. Need your organization to adopt a new practice? Want people to do something new, or do something better? What’s your problem? Let’s get started!

Academic Edge Research & Development
Academic Edge Featured Products

Academic Edge Products

Looking for one of the Academic Edge’s award-winning educational products? From Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders to Conflict Resolution, Sexual Health Education Curricula to Suicide Prevention. Contact us.

What’s New at Academic Edge Kentucky?

AEI site redesign

Academic Edge restructures, establishes Kentucky and RD divisions

What do you do when two totally different company missions are both wildly successful? Restructure to support both. That's what Academic Edge, Inc. (AEI) has done for its Kentucky reading and literacy services division along side the existing Academic Edge Research & Development work.

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