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About Academic Edge

Educators. That’s who we are. Reading people. Kid people. Kentucky people. Even dog people!

The Academic Edge’s Kentucky division is located in Lexington, Kentucky. Academic Edge Kentucky has been providing high-quality reading, literacy, math, and test preparation tutoring offline and online in Kentucky and throughout the United States for over 30 years! And we’ve been providing educational consulting to Kentucky school districts, Kentucky schools, and Kentucky classrooms for just as long.

The Kentucky division licenses and supports online, researched-based programs that have proven to increase student performance in the classroom and on high stake tests. AEI Lexington bring exceptional professional development that trains and motivates teachers to use the programs, and our ongoing strategic management and follow up assures success. Learn more about our sales and support of our own and third-party online learning solutions in Kentucky.

About Academic Edge Kentucky: Our People

Elizabeth Goldsworthy

Founder & Director

Betsy is a reading specialist and the founder of the Academic Edge, 1984, and a private school for children who learn differently, Woodbridge Academy, 1989. She spent 12 years in public schools as an English and social studies teacher, teacher of the gifted, and then as a reading teacher/consultant.

Spending 45+ years as a career educator has been at times heart-wrenching, but mostly inspiring. Our future is truly based on the success of our young ones.

George Goldsworthy

Marketing & Chief Financial Officer

George joined the Academic Edge soon after Betsy started Woodbridge Academy to help with public relations and fund-raising. The passion for helping students learn to read well is infectious, and so the couple has been working together for children since the 80’s.

Remember, to reach more kids, it is important to listen well and offer solutions that will help schools succeed.

Sandy Barefoot

Educational Consultant

Sandy Barefoot is the consultant for Jefferson County and the surrounding counties. Her passion for helping children learn to read, together with her sales and marketing expertise, combine to help teachers motivate their students toward measurable gains.

This is my dream position as I love to see children learn and I love building long-term relationships that help move children forward.

Brad Hilton

Educational Consultant

Brad Hilton, who is the consultant for Central and Northern Kentucky since 2013, is an excellent educator with 5 years as a K-5 classroom teacher in Fayette County. He has also worked as a para-educator for several years in the field of special education getting hands-on experience with children with special learning needs.

I believe in keeping our reading support and solutions simple, and easy, for the teachers to implement and see the gains students can make. If its not easy, it doesn’t matter how well it works because people won’t use it!

Michelle Lee

Educational Consultant

Michelle Lee, COO, oversees district sales and the state of Kentucky. She has a sales background managing properties, but became an educator because she wanted to make a difference. And, that she does.

I like nothing better than using results to show successes and to make instructional decisions for the children.

Tony Minton

Educational Consultant

Tony Minton is the consultant for South Central and Western Kentucky. With over 30 years in the field of education, he brings experience from the classroom, technology department and administrative office in Ohio County. Serving as a teacher in the classroom for 10 plus years, he is familiar with many of the issues teachers face when trying to help young readers.

I had a wonderful career as a teacher and administrator in Ohio County.  Now I am able to positively affect the lives of many more teachers and the students they inspire.  It is great fun!

Emily Marshall

Education Consultant

Emily is Northeastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio sales and implementation consultant for the Academic Edge, Inc.

With excellent experience in program initiative, staff development, data analysis, teaching strategies and standards in elementary, as an educator and administrator I have developed a leadership style that values good external and internal communication and a firm commitment for helping staff and students to enhance their education.

About Academic Edge: Our History

Founded in 1984. Academic Edge was one of the first tutoring and test preparation centers in not just Kentucky but in the United States. We used state of the art technology — Apple //e computers! — along with face-to-face training to increase learner test scores on SAT and ACT standardized tests. Back then Davidson and Associates was a big player in this field, and they had site visits to us to understand our best practices. Pretty awesome for a Kentucky company. We also helped learners of all ages with a variety of other subjects and skills.

In fact, we were not only one of the first technology enhanced tutoring centers, we were also one of the first organizations to specialize in blended learning. All the rage today, blended learning is essentially the recognition that technology delivered solutions, by themselves, are not enough. That effective learning blends the traditional with the new, technology with excellent teachers!

It should hardly be surprising that we’d have this blended approach: we are, and always have been, teachers first and foremost!

Even in 1984. Our founder, Elizabeth Goldsworthy was a reading teacher and a reading specialist. Was isn’t right, because of course, once a teacher, always a teacher!

Over the years, our emphasis on different learning problems has evolved.

We’ve started a school for children with learning differences.

We’ve received a large number of federal grants and contracts to explore how learning occurs, how to change behavior, what technology can do to support learning, and just what works and what, well, not so much!

Then several of us turned back toward reading and literacy in Kentucky. Because reading matters. And Kentucky kids matter. And therefore we come full circle.

So, from reading teacher and support specialist in the public schools to helping others improve students’ reading and literacy skills. It’s been a windy, fun, and fulfilling journey, and we are so glad to be able to work with so many committed and caring Kentucky districts, schools, administrators, and teachers!

How Can We Help You?

About Academic Edge Research

Years ago, several of the original Academic Edge team were running a school and handling our Academic Edge test preparation and tutoring services. We noticed that some learners struggled maintaining attention to classwork. Yet these students were nonetheless quite able to focus on computer games…. This got us wondering: could games be made that both held the kids’ attention and also targeted valued educational outcomes?

One thing led to another, and several research projects and products later, AEI R&D emerged as a leader in design, development, and evaluation of educational and performance support programs, tools, and resources. AEI Research, led by Rick Goldsworthy, PhD, Director, R&D, is particularly interested in learner behavior and behavior change, especially in areas of social learning and health. He wants to understand the crazy things people do and design, develop, and evaluate programs and interventions to help them live happier, healthier, and more successful lives.

If you really want to know… here’s the curricula vitae. Yes, a tad long and eclectic. But if you are interested in anything from media development, to behavioral research and intervention, to sex, drugs, disease and disorders, I’ve probably touched on it….

For more information about AEI Research, visit

Richard Goldsworthy

Richard Goldsworthy, PhD, MSEd

Rick is the CEO and Director of Research and Development of AEI. Under his direction, AEI has performed a wide range of work for government, university, and corporate clients. Relevant projects include the development and evaluation of warning symbols and labels for teratogenic pharmaceuticals, and the creation of web, video, and print materials on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. He has also directed the development of HIV/STD training materials (video, guidebooks, and interactive media) for primary care providers, creation of HIV/STD counseling training videos for pharmacists, development of training materials on pressure ulcer prevention for home healthcare providers, and implemented school-based programs in areas as diverse as conflict resolution and sexually transmitted disease prevention.