Thank you for the many years of support. We no longer sell or support third-party educational software. Consulting and research services available.

Educational Consulting

Helping You Help Your Learners! Educational Consulting for Districts, Schools, and Teachers.

Sometimes we all need a little help. Try as we might…it’s really hard to do everything you need to do, let alone want to do, all by yourself. That’s why we are here.

We help.

We have years of experience as teachers, administrators, and now as consultants to many teachers and administrators across Kentucky. Why try to do it alone when you don’t have to? Why reinvent the wheel? Or, worse, a failed attempt at a wheel, when you can get help getting your own brand new shiny wheels? (Or, maybe just a little help with rounding out your wheels)?

Regardless of the educational challenge, we can help!

And don’t get us started about reading and literacy. Oh boy! That’s our bread and butter. We LOVE reading. We love teaching reading. AND, we love teaching others how to teach reading. AND AND we love providing them with tools to make it all a whole lot easier, and more effective.

That’s why we decided to provide educational consulting in Kentucky: to help people be better readers, learners, teachers, and administrators.

To make a difference.

How Can We Help You?

Rick Goldsworthy

From the learner to the school.The help you need. When you need it.

Are you looking to improve the educational outcomes for your entire school? Are looking for a systematic and structured approach to school and classroom change? Or are you looking for individual solutions to thorny teaching and learning problems. Our team can help. Let us know about your needs, and we’ll let you know what we can do to help you!

How Can We Help You?