Thank you for the many years of support. We no longer sell or support third-party educational software. Consulting and research services available.


Hey, so far, our stuff just works for most people, but here’s a sampling of some common issues. Got some other question? Send us a note.

General Questions

Do you sell literacy and reading programs in Kentucky, Ohio, or elsewhere?

No and yes! So, no, Academic Edge’s research division does not provide literacy and reading support services, but we know these great folks who do do that: the Academic Edge Kentucky division, so yes! Check them out. They can help you with reading, literacy, ReadingPlus, Lexia Learning, and a whole lot more.

I’d like to make cool media.

Don’t we all! Its great being able to make really great, and highly effective, educational programs. If you think you have what it takes–and what it takes is experience, a vision, and some mad dog skills–to work with us, then please feel free to contact us. A resume and portfolio are essential, a cover letter important, and a CV is a big plus.

I’ve got this project idea…

Okay, so first of all, yes, we do from time to time work with researchers and academics (and others) who have a vague vision and want to develop an actual product. If the idea excites us, we can often find seed capital to make it happen. If you have specific ideas, we’d love to hear about them.

Do you do outside consulting and development?

Not often. If it’s a really worthwhile project or we happen to like you a lot, then yes, but otherwise, no, we don’t because we are pretty satisfied with our own current and pending projects. However, we do conduct, both as a company and as individuals (with permission), outside work on design, development, and evaluation of educational efforts, and we are pretty good at it too!

Do your products have closed-captioning?

Almost all of our programs and videos have closed-captioning, even the CD-ROMS! This makes them perfect for the hearing impaired as well as for noisy laboratory situations. The interactive programs have a toggle to turn captioning on and off. The DVDs use the same encoding you see on any other commercial disc. All you need to do is turn it on.

Do you tutor?

The Lexington office provides tutoring and test preparation services. Please contact them for more information. The Bloomington office does not.

I’d like to be a tutor.

That’s nice. We’d love to have you if you are really smart, punctual, a people person, and able to work with children, adults, and small animals. If you are in the Lexington, KY area, contact us.

I’d like to open an Academic Edge somewhere and do some tutoring.

That can be arranged. We are willing to franchise our tutoring operations. Please contact us. Please note, however, that the word mark “Academic Edge” is a registered trademark of Academic Edge, Inc. It may not be used for any educational purposes anywhere without express prior written consent and, yes, we do unleash the dogs whenever someone puts out a shingle with Academic Edge on it. Just don’t do it. It’ll save us a few attorney bucks but it will save you a LOT of hassle. And, no, Academic Edge, The Academic Edge, Academic Edge Learning, Academic Edge Whatever, are not different names, at least according to the law.


The disc you sent won’t work in my computer.

DVD discs only work in a DVD player. You may use it on a DVD player attached to your television. You may also use it on a computer with a compatible DVD drive and the appropriate drivers and players.

I have a DVD drive in my computer but the DVD won’t play.

Do any video DVDs play in your machine?

If so, then contact us for further troubleshooting and possible replacement of the disc.

If not, please make sure you have the latest drivers and a compatible player (such as Windows Media Player) installed. You can get the drivers from the drive manufacturer and Media Player from Microsoft. Please note that some older DVD players simply don’t play new discs well.

How come I have black bars around my video on my DVDs?

Some of our products are delivered in 16:9 widescreen format. If you view them on an older 4:3 television, they will have bars around them. This is normal.

What’s your favorite color?

Blue, no green, aaargh.

CD-based Software

My sound goes in and out.

This can occur for several reasons, but the most common one is slightly old QuickTime drivers on the PC. Try installing the latest version of QuickTime from Apple Computer.

Well, that didn’t fix the sound, what else?

You’ll need the latest sound card drivers from your manufacturer. Also, some laptops are just cantankerous and don’t get us started on Windows Vista.

I lost my disc (or my serial number).

That’s okay. As long as you have a proof of purchase or previously registered your disc with us, we will send you a copy free of charge. Yes, we are really that nice!

Speaking of, where’s my serial number?

For those products that require one after the trial period, the serial number is usually located on a sticker affixed to the plastic wrap outside the case. Depending on the license type, serial numbers may also be provided on a separate card or a letter.

Does your software require the disc be in the computer?

In most cases, yes. Some licenses for some products allow installations that run without the CD in the drive. This is mostly for mass installations in schools and other group settings.

Can I purchases additional licenses without buying physical media?

Yes, you can. Please contact us.

What else floats in water?

Very small rocks.

Can I purchase hard copies of the teachers guides?

Yes. We provide electronic copies on discs in order to make duplication easy and to conserve paper—we also use 100% energy efficient appliances, compact fluorescent bulbs, and the occasional corn-based cup. However, if you would like a full color paper copy of the guide, in its own beautiful packaging, we’d be happy to send you one. Please contact us.

Product Specific

Harmony Island & WSTDtv v1.0

The words (fonts) on screen are all messed up, what’s up with that?

Under certain conditions the layout of Harmony Island screens may become corrupted. This generally occurs when installing as one user and running as another. In most cases, simply restarting should correct the problem. If you encounter a situation where restarting does not fix the problem, please contact us.

Do I need administrative privileges to install Harmony Island?

You must have administrative privileges to install Harmony Island. All users can run the application once it has been installed. You may install as a local administrator and have local restricted users use the program; you may install as a domain administrator and have domain users use the program. We do not recommend installing as one type of administrator (local or domain) and attempting to allow the other type of user to run the program. Instabilities may occur.

I’m having trouble running “Harmony Island” in demo mode.

You must be a power user or administrator to run Harmony Island in demo mode (that is, without a purchased license). HI will not function in demo mode without sufficient user rights, even if the application is installed by an administrator. However, once you install a purchased version, with a full license, non-admin users will be able to use the program.