Kroger Community Rewards as a source of Literacy Program Funding

KrogerPlus cards can bring in big money for classrooms needing a little boost

Kroger-Community-RewardsLooking for ways to augment your classroom or school budget, perhaps to Did you know you raise money simply by having your parents use Kroger Plus Cards to shop at Kroger? The below information is from the Kroger Community Rewards program, why not give it a shot!?

Kroger Community Rewards Enrollment Process

1) How long will it take for Kroger to assign my organization’s number and how will I be notified?

You will be emailed your exclusive organization number within 10 business days of Kroger receiving all required

2) Will my organization need to be re-enrolled each  year?

No, organizations will not need to enroll each year, but each member of your organization will be required to re-enroll his or her Kroger Plus Card annually in  August.

3) Why do my members have to re-enroll annually in August if they were already   participating?

Kroger Community Rewards will be evaluated each year as we continually work toward improving our program  to insure that we offer the best option for our customers and nonprofit organizations. Re-enrollment gives each organization an opportunity to refresh their membership by spreading the word to new members and keeping the previous members informed of any changes to the  program.

Signing Up My Group Members

4) Can I, as the organization administrator, fax or mail my list of group participants to Kroger?

Enrollment for all group members must be processed through our secure website at

5) Can the organization administrator register the Kroger Plus Cards for everyone in his/her group?

No. Each individual must Enroll his or her own Kroger Plus Card. If their information is not current, they will need to update it at or call 1-800-KROGERS, OPTION  #3

6) How can I reach all of my group members at one time and tell them about the program. I don’t want to mail a letter to every member?

Kroger has made it easy to communicate with your members about the Kroger Community Rewards program. Once you have received your exclusive organization number from us, just publish our website address in a group email, newsletter or bulletin.

7) How do group members enroll if they do not have Internet  access?

Nonprofit coordinators assume the responsibility for enrolling their participants who do not have Internet access. Options include:

  • Asking a family member that has a computer with Internet access to help
  • Using the public library computers
  • Seeking assistance from one of your members who has a computer
  • To Link a Kroger Plus Card to Community Rewards, customers must have or must create an online com account. (Participation in Kroger Community Rewards requires an email  address.)

8) As an organization administrator, can I recruit people to sign up with our organization in front of a Kroger store?

Unfortunately, no. This program is designed for your group members, friends, supporters and family members.

Keeping Track of Quarterly Rewards

9) How much can an organization earn?

Kroger will pay up to $900,000 on a quarterly basis to participating organizations based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating Kroger Community Rewards organizations. Kroger limits its quarterly contributions to a maximum contribution of $900,000 to be distributed among all participating organizations. Kroger limits a participating organization’s earned rewards to a maximum of $50,000   quarterly.

Kroger limits a participating household’s earned contribution to $300 quarterly. The minimum payout is $25.00 per organization. In the event an organization earns less than $25.00 in a quarter, Kroger will hold the amount until the next quarter exceeds $25.00 or until the end of the program term, whichever comes first. Your quarterly rewards check will be mailed within 30 days after the close of each quarterly  cycle.

10) When will my organization receive the statements and reward  checks?

Within 30 days of the close of the term. Statements will be emailed to the addresses provided on the Enrollment Application. The quarterly payment/donation schedule  is:

Quarter 1: September 1 – November 30: Statements and Reward Checks sent by December 31 Quarter 2: December 1 – February 28: Statements and Reward Checks sent by March 31  Quarter 3: March 1 – May 31: Statements and Reward Checks sent by June  30

Quarter 4: June 1 – August 31: Statements and Reward Checks sent by September 30

11) Does Kroger have any restrictions on how our group uses the rewards we earn?

All proceeds from Kroger Community Rewards must be used for charitable purposes of the organization within    the communities Kroger serves and cannot be used for political or legal purposes. Kroger Community Rewards has the discretion and right to terminate any organization from the program at any time if it’s determined that any of the proceeds are used for political, legal or administrative  purposes.

12) I am the organization administrator; how do I get my quarterly statements? (And, can I view my reports online?)

Quarterly reports will be sent to the authorized Administrator via the email address submitted on the original Enrollment Application, and they are not available to view online. Statements will include the total number of supporters and the amount of the donation. Statements will not include information for any individual’s Kroger Plus card.

Changing Your Organization’s Information

How do I update information that may change for my organization? (Primary contact, new address, etc.)?

Please keep the account up to date! It is extremely important that the Groups Administrator contact us with any changes to the account. Email or mail updates on your organizations letterhead to:

The Kroger Company
Customer Communications Department 1600 Ormsby Station Court
Louisville, KY 40223

Phone: 1-800-KROGERS, OPTION #3

Protecting the Privacy of your Organization’s Members

14) Once I have enrolled, is my personal information  secure?

Please be assured that your privacy is important to us! We value our customers’ trust and promise to safeguard your personal information through purchases made using your Kroger Plus Card. We do not sell, trade or rent   our customers’ personal information to outside companies or marketing firms. Please read our complete privacy policy at

Questions About the Kroger Community Rewards Program in General

15) After I enroll my Kroger Plus Card with an organization, how long before my purchases start counting towards the rewards?

Your purchases will begin earning rewards for your designated organization within 10 business days of registering your Kroger Plus Card online within any term.

16) How do I know if my Kroger Plus Card is  enrolled?

Within 10 days of successfully enrolling your Kroger Plus Card, check under the My Account Heading to verify enrollment.

Enrolled Supporters will also see a Community Rewards message on the bottom of their Kroger Receipt: “At your request, Kroger is donating to                                                                        

17) Does everything in my shopping cart count towards my donation to my  organization?

Supporters can earn rewards on almost everything, each time they shop. However there are specific purchases that cannot be included: Alcohol, Tobacco, Government Assisted Pharmacy Expenses, Postage Stamps, Kroger Co Family of Stores Gift Cards, Green Dot, Prepaid Reloadable Products, MoneyPaks, 1-2-3 Rewards  Reloadable

Visa PrePaid Debit Card, ReCharge Cards, American Express Variable Load Gift Cards, Visa Variable Load Gift Cards, MasterCard Variable Load Gift Cards, Bottle Deposits, Lottery and Promotional tickets, Money Orders, Western Union, Fuel, and Sales Tax are excluded from eligible purchases. Eligible Pharmacy purchases include out of pocket co-pays for nongovernmental assisted pharmacy programs.

18) Can my supporters give to more than one organization through Kroger Community Rewards?

No. Your Kroger Plus Card can be linked to only one organization at a time. However, you may change your nonprofit organization designation online by going to

19) Does Kroger Community Rewards affect my fuel points?

No, Community Rewards does not affect fuel points. Customers will earn Fuel Points and Rewards Points as they always have – participating in Community Rewards does not affect these  points.

Do you still have questions not answered here?

Please Call 1-800-KROGERS, OPTION #3