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Reading’s HIDDEN HURDLE: Get the Facts!

60 Hours can lead to huge growth


Inefficient Reading is the Hidden Hurdle

Research shows that 70% of non-proficient readers and 30% of proficient readers process text inefficiently. Inefficient reading is the hidden hurdle that prevents the development of fluency, comprehension, and motivation.

Efficiency goes hand in glove with motivation and comprehension. Readers need all three to be able to learn new ideas from books they read. Think of it as a combination of skill, will, and thrill. Efficiency provides the skill, motivation engenders the will, and comprehension leads to the thrill of acquiring new ideas

Dr. P. David Pearson, Reading Plus Author and Advisor | Professor Emeritus and Former Dean at the Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley

Reading Plus Improves Efficiency

Reading Plus is the only intervention that addresses the hidden hurdle of inefficient reading. Inefficient readers struggle to move their eyes smoothly and comfortably across lines of text at an appropriate rate. Reading Plus provides scaffolds that enable students to become fluent silent readers.

Academic Edge Improves YOUR Efficiency!

Reading Plus is a key tool to help readers read better. And we are here to help you assess and implement Reading Plus. Reading Plus is a great tool, but tools don’t work well if you don’t know how to use them! We do more than sell great tools. We help you use them!

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