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Academic Edge can make your life easier, help your students read better, make the sun shine, the birds sing, and literacy scores improve.* We are Kentucky’s sole source for service and support for Reading Plus and Lexia Learning, two award winning reading programs that help you help your learners to be better readers, and to enjoy reading more.

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More than 100,000 Kentucky Students.
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100,000+ Kentucky students, over 5000 Kentucky teachers. All working with Academic Edge and Reading Plus or Lexia. Are you missing out? Not sure your ready for the field trial? How about learning more about us and what so many other Kentucky schools already know: we can help!

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Academic Edge Team

Kentucky reading teachers, Kentucky school administrators. Kentucky people, and we know Kentucky.

Betsy Goldsworthy was director of a Kentucky school that worked with kids with learning disabilities, she was also a public school reading teacher and specialist for several decades. George managed Kentucky-based tutoring and test preparation services. Other staff have lived, breathed, and taught throughout Kentucky, many for their own lives. We know reading. We know Reading Plus and Lexia. Moreover, we know schools, and we especially know Kentucky, its schools, its districts, and its people.

We can help you improve your literacy and reading comprehension programs for all your Ky students, everyone, from struggling readers, to gifted and talented, and everyone in between.