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Reading & Educational Support Services in Kentucky

Reading, literacy, and the Bluegrass State. Academic Edge helps thousands of Kentucky teachers help their learners read better.

Reading can be hard. Helping students read? Even harder. We make it easier in Kentucky.

Whether you are in a big city big district, perhaps a wildcat from Lexington, or a Cardinal from Louisville, or maybe a WKU Hilltopper, or somewhere in the beautiful hills, lakes, and mountains in between, you want your learners to be able to read, in fact to read well, really well, right?

Academic Edge gets that. We help. We love reading and literacy, and we love Kentucky. Many of us were born, raised, and have even taught here our whole lives. We know we are much more than the horse racing state, the Bluegrass state, the Wildcat nation, though of course we are all those and so much more. We are also people who care deeply about our kids, their futures, and we understand that what we do makes a huge difference in their lives.

We know how to make learning more effective, and especially how to make literacy and reading development more effective, and we have the tools Ky schools need to ramp up their learners’ achievement. Did we say easier? You bet.

Lexia Core 5 in Kentucky

6,445 Active Kentucky Teachers. What do they know that you don’t?

332 schools, 6,445 active teachers. 85,763 active Kentucky learners. Wow.

We are the sole source for Lexia implementation, sales and support in Kentucky. Lexia Reading software supports reading skills development in students at all levels of ability, Pre-K through Adult, building skills with explicit practice in phonemic awareness and phonics while promoting gains in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Learn more about our Lexia Core5 sales, implementation, and support services.

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Reading Plus in Kentucky

37,676 Kentucky Students. Are your learners next?

37,676 Kentucky students, 235 Kentucky schools, 2,649 Kentucky classrooms.

All using Reading Plus. All working with Academic Edge. Are you missing out?

Academic Edge is Kentucky’s sole source for Reading Plus implementation sales and support. Reading Plus® is a comprehensive, evidence based software solution for reading assessment and improvement that develops foundational fluency skills for students of all ages. Structured activities are individualized for each student’s needs to ensure development of the “unseen and unheard” fluency skills that are taught the least and tested the most. Learn more about our Reading Plus sales, implementation, and support services.

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Symphony Math in Kentucky

Some of you have been asking us for quite awhile if we have a math program like Lexia and Reading Plus. Well, we’re really excited to tell you, YES, WE DO!

Symphony Math Instructional Program

We are now the reseller for Symphony Math, a program that covers the math curriculum for K through 5th grade. As such, it is also very effective for struggling 6th graders and above who need help before going to pre-algebra. Integrating the Growth Mindset Ideas of Carol Dweck, the driving force is, I don’t understand that part of Math <emYET!

For those of you using Lexia, you will be very comfortable as it looks and feels like Lexia: assessment, instruction, a dashboard with real time reports for making instruction decisions.

Our normal evaluation period is offered for this program also; and, of course our fantastic PD and support come with it.

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Rick Goldsworthy

Kentucky reading teachers, Kentucky school administrators. Kentucky people, and we know Kentucky.

Betsy Goldsworthy was director of a Kentucky school that worked with kids with learning disabilities, she was also a public school reading teacher and specialist for several decades. George managed Kentucky-based tutoring and test preparation services. Other staff have lived, breathed, and taught throughout Kentucky, many for their own lives.

We know reading. We know Reading Plus and Lexia. Moreover, we know schools, and we especially know Kentucky, its schools, its districts, and its people.

We can help you improve your literacy and reading comprehension programs for all your Ky students, everyone, from struggling readers, to gifted and talented, and everyone in between.