Academic Edge and Kentucky Reading Teachers: 10 Years; 120,000 readers. We’re Better Together!

We’ve gotten bigger! Hard to believe we started supporting Kentucky readers with Lexia Learning almost a decade ago! Thank you for trusting Academic Edge to make a difference in the lives of your students, one Kentucky leader at a time!

Wow! Thank you Kentucky for helping us grow from a handful of classes in 2008, to supporting more than 100,000 Kentucky readers using Lexia Learning today!

It’s amazing how time flies when you are having fun, right? And reading is fun! Especially when you are able to read efficiently and effectively, which is what the Academic Edge and its partners help our Kentucky students do: help our students read better!

Time? Yes, amazingly, its been 10 years since we started working with Lexia Learning in Kentucky schools. A lot has changed since then, with our numbers of supported schools growing by leaps and bounds, and with our annual supported number of active students using Lexia in Kentucky increasing above 100,000! And we soon added Reading Plus, and Symphony Math too! Hundreds of schools, thousands of learners. Wow!

Academic Edge, Lexia, and You! Building better, more engaged, readers together.

But a lot has stayed the same: we are still your Kentucky team. Reading specialists, teachers, Kentucky folks, here to help you when you need it!

Thanks again for the wonderful 9 years! We look forward to working with you and other Kentucky teachers well into our next decade!

We are proud to have played a part in improving the reading of so many Kentucky students, and we are so glad to have been able to help each and every one of you make a difference in the lives of so many young readers!

How can we help you? Do you know someone who might benefit from our stable of products that you know so well?

Together, let’s continue to make a difference!

Best wishes, continued success, and better readers!

Betsy Goldsworthy

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