Academic Edge receives Reading Plus President’s Award, Teamwork Award, and is named a Top RP Support team.

Academic Edge receives accolades at Reading Plus conference

Academic Edge and Reading Plus team members Sandy Barefoot, Michelle Lee, Mark Taylor (CEO, Reading Plus), Joel Brown (Chief Sales Officer),Stephanie Helton, Lori Phelps and Brad Hilton.

Academic Edge received accolades at Reading Plus conference. Teamwork Award, President’s Award. You help us be the best we can be, so how can we continue to help you?

Academic Edge was 1 of the top six Reading Plus customer sales and support teams.

Academic Edge also won the Teamwork Award for being the top collaborator with Reading Plus.

AND, the President’s Award for reaching 39,000 new students with Reading Plus last school year.

Of course, these are not about us. Not a single one of these awards would be possible if Academic Edge didn’t have all of the fabulous Kentucky (and now Ohio!) teachers, coordinators, and administrators on our side. And of course let’s not forget the now 40,000+ students learning to read better, faster, and to love it!

Thank you all for being there with us, and let us know how we can help you.

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