Can’t Login to Lexia Core5? Check your Caps. Lexia passwords are now case sensitive.

Scholastic has upgraded its password protocols and Lexia logins are now case sensitive. So if you password happens to have capital letters in it, it would have let you login in the past with all lower case. Not anymore… having trouble? Contact the Academic Edge for help with your Lexia logins.
New Security on Student Passwords in Lexia
Student passwords are now case-sensitive on all Lexia student products released after August 2015 (Core5 v2, Strategies v9.5, and RAPID v1.0). This brings added security and student privacy for Lexia’s products.

Students need to log in with the exact password as it displays in myLexia, including any upper-case letters (e.g., a student with the password of “Read” cannot log in with “read”).

The vast majority of student passwords are in all lower-case. If a customer unintentionally created mixed-case or upper-case passwords and students are having a hard time logging in, the administrator can bulk-change the student passwords using a manual spreadsheet import.

Note: Usernames are still case-insensitive. In the following Lexia products, student passwords are still case-insensitive:

Core5 on Android
Core5 v1.7 and older
Strategies v9.4.1 and older

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