Kentucky’s March 2015 Leading Reading Schools have the Academic Edge

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Kentucky schools have been having a great time using Lexia and Reading Plus to read, read, read. How’s your school or class compare to these Ky reading top dogs?

Wow! Lots of reading going on in Kentucky! Academic Edge congratulates the March 2015 reading leaders.

Reading Plus Top 10

  1. Boston ES (Nelson Co.): 17
  2. Pulaski Co. HS (Pulaski Co.): 14
  3. Northern MS (Pulaski Co.):13
  4. Eminence ISD: 12
  5. Southern MS (Pulaski Co.): 12
  6. Huntertown ES (Woodford Co.): 11
  7. Pulaski ES (Pulaski Co.): 11
  8. Trigg County HS (Trigg Co.): 09
  9. Muhlenberg Co. HS: 08
  10. Trinity HS (Jefferson Co.): 08

Average # of SeeReader lessons completed per active student

Lexia Top 10

  1. Burnside ES (Pulaski Co.): 87%
  2. Shopville ES (Pulaski Co.): 86%
  3. Bloomfield ES (Nelson Co.): 85%
  4. Bell ES (Wayne Co.): 85%
  5. Gamaliel ES (Monroe Co.): 84%
  6. HW Wilkey ES (Grayson Co.): 84%
  7. Clarkson ES (Grayson Co.): 84%
  8. Pulaski Co. ES: 82%
  9. Cox’s Creek ES (Nelson Co.): 81%
  10. Lewis Co. Central ES: 78%

Percentage of kids on target for their usage

Will one of these schools be the leader at the end of the year? Or will a dark horse come from the rear of the pack to close the deal? Keep up your great work! Let’s get reading, Kentucky!



Someset’s Southern Elementary wins Pizza Party in National Reading Contest

Somerset’s Southern Elementary Wins Lexia Pizza Party

What’s more? Well, Krista Carter’s 3rd grade elementary in Pulaski Co. rocked the house this month, earning some ‘za from the national Lexia competition. Congratulations!

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