Ky Tags Academic Edge Client Liberty Elementary as Model Site

Liberty ES named Model School for Best Practices-illustration

Liberty ES, located in Lexington, Kentucky, and an Academic Edge client, has been tagged as a model site for Kentucky educational best practices.

“Liberty is currently the only school in the state to boast a score of “exemplary practice” for their RTI,” according to Principal Gerry Brooks.

Liberty has worked with the Academic Edge and uses both Reading Plus and Lexia Learning in its efforts to improve the literacy skills of all of its learners.

Brooks went on to express that Liberty not only met sufficient criteria to be included, but me all of them:

  • Core instruction with differentiation
  • Use of learning targets and Kentucky academic standards
  • School implementation team
  • Student intervention team
  • Comprehensive schedule for all students
  • Student intervention plans
  • Flexibility of tiers
  • Multiple forms of data
  • Diagnostic assessments and progress monitoring
  • Data management tools
  • Leadership
  • Fidelity to the intervention process
  • Use of resources
  • Ownership of goals and plans
  • Reading interventions
  • Math interventions
  • Behavior interventions
  • Family involvement
  • Professional learning

“I am so proud to be working with such a dedicated staff. It is great when someone else comes in and recognizes our commitment to helping every student succeed,” Brooks said.

What’s a KSI Model Site?

KSI model sites are schools that have demonstrated success in implementing best practices AND achieving key targeted learning outcomes. The criteria for consideration as a KSI model school include:
  • School implementation team has been established and meets regularly to discuss student data, allocate/evaluate resources, establish/review decision-making rules, and evaluate/review master schedule.
  • All school staff has a proficient understanding of the system of interventions process and understands their place within the framework.
  • All student intervention plans are developed with all relevant stakeholders; including the student. The student goals are established and frequently reviewed. All necessary documentation is available for review.
  • Student interventions are established to meet individual student needs, student progress is monitored regularly, and data is shared with the necessary stakeholders.
  • Student movement between and among the tiers of intervention is flexible, based on data, and decided by a student intervention team.
  • There is evidence of fidelity to the intervention process.
  • Use a universal screener to indicate students that may need additional evaluation.
  • Use a diagnostic assessment to further assess students to identify specific areas of strength and weakness.
  • Have multiple forms of data that are used to make decisions that are specific to each student.
  • School staff collaborate on a regular base to ensure student goals are being addressed, to maintain consistency in instruction, etc.

What are some of the other KSI Model sites?

KSI regularly updates its PDF of model sites and the criteria each site meets. To learn more about the up to date sites, their criteria, and how to reach out, and perhaps schedule a site visit, check out KDI’s List of RTI Model Sites.

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