North Butler Schools Rock Learning During Snow Days with Lexia Learning!

What do you do when schools closes (again!) for snow and winter weather? If you are an Academic Edge school, you issue a Lexia challenge and keep kids reading, of course!

That’s exactly what North Butler Elementary School did.

North Butler kids earn awards for using Lexia over snow days!

North Butler uses Lexia learning to maintain Academic Edge during snowy days away from school. Photo courtesy NHES FB.

The snow didn’t keep many North Butler kids from learning to be proficient readers this past week and a half!
*122 students participated in the challenge
*Those 122 students logged 41,820 minutes of Lexia learning during the snow break (THAT IS 697 HOURS!!!!!)
*We had a total of 90 Level Up certificates!!!!!!!!
(For those not knowledgeable of the program, a level up takes on average of 200-400 minutes to complete, very intensive)
*2 of our 4th graders to be recognized tomorrow graduated all 18 levels of the program which puts them to a 6th grade benchmark for reading.
*For students who had no internet access we will be focusing on getting them more computer time in the coming weeks to work on their certificates at school for future weekly rewards.
Pizza party will be awarded to all students who completed 60+ hours during the snow break.
*For the students who worked extremely hard and didn’t earn a certificate-They will be invited to a reward party as well if they recorded more than 60 minutes of Lexia learning during the break. (122 students)
For those with certificates:
They will be entered into a drawing for some cool prizes to be given away by a drawing on Friday morning. (1 entry for each certificate)
We will be giving out weekly rewards for kids completing levels throughout the year. Please encourage your child to work hard at home and during computer lab time at school.

Check it out on their Facebook page!

What’s more, the impact of snow days, and the use of Lexia, was covered in a local news segment. Pretty awesome. Way to go North Butler! Keep up the good work!

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