Rockstar Pulaski Co. Hub School: Uses Reading Plus & Lexia, wants to share!

pulaski county high school kentucky hub school uses reading plus lexia

Academic Edge client Rockstar Pulaski Co. Hub School: Uses Reading Plus & Lexia, wants to share!

From persistently low performing to a model for others. How did Pulaski Co High School do it? Named as one of 2 recent hub schools for Kentucky, PCHS is ready to host any visiting schools wanting to learn more. Oh, and they work with Academic Edge, Reading Plus AND Lexia Core5, so why not check them out sometime and see what they know that you don’t!? Bet you can show them a thing of two as well, because, in the end, we are all always learning from on another!

We can put you in touch with the person, Todd Tucker, great guy, responsible for site visits and such. Just send us a note. We’d put his contact info up, but don’t want his email to be able to be trolled on the web!

They use both of our products with great usage.

“A HUB school is a school that has been recognized as one of the lowest performing schools at some point, but…they have turned their entire focus around to become one of the best performing schools.  Pulaski County High School was designated in 2012 as a “persistently low performing school” or “focus school,” now called “priority schools.”  With the addition of Mike Murphy, multiple teacher transfers, and the incorporation of new programs and methods, they are now a top performing school ranking in the top 2% of the state.”

More about PCHS and the hub schools….

Two priority schools recognized as hubs for their improvement

the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has recognized two Priority Schools for their work in improving student learning and building core processes that can sustain the improvement. Based on data, monitoring visits, and monitoring tools, KDE designated Franklin-Simpson High School and Pulaski County High School as Hub Schools. The schools had been among the lowest- performing schools in the state.

“These schools have shown they have the will and the capacity to turn things around,” said Education Commissioner Terry Holliday today during a visit to Pulaski Co. High School. “They are producing exponentially more college/career-ready students than they had previously and serve as a model for other schools that want to improve.”

As a Hub School, each school will serve as a regional hub of learning for students and adults. The schools will share their best or promising practices with schools in their area of the state to support improvement.

The goals of a Hub School are to:

  • Create aligned actions steps that are connected to the identified purpose
  • Create a system that focuses on aligned planning, communication, marketing, effectiveness measures, connections, and the target audience. The system will include the Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) at the respective university (Eastern Kentucky University — Pulaski Co. High School; Western Kentucky University – Franklin-Simpson High School) and the regional educational cooperative(s). The CLE, co-op and others will all be part of the system to ensure alignment and effectiveness to impact student learning within their region.
  • Capture best or promising practices that have yielded results at the Hub School and other Priority Schools within the region to share with others

A Hub School is designed to strengthen connections and address multiple needs within its geographic area.

Each of these schools will specifically target work with Focus Schools, schools with the greatest overall achievement gaps or a particular student group with a large gap and/or high schools with graduation rates below 60 percent for two consecutive years. Education recovery staff from KDE are assigned to each Hub School and will help facilitate hub activities and ensure they are not disruptive to school/district learning processes.

In order to be named a Hub School, a Priority or Persistently Low-Achieving School must have developed aligned systems focused on continuous improvement, such as using student data to make instructional improvements.

KDE selected Pulaski Co. High School based on progress made in student learning, superintendent and district level support, excellent understanding of the turnaround process, strong vision of leadership, communication with stakeholders and being a learning-centered school.

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