Math help. For less! 2-for-1 on Symphony Math site licenses through June 30, 2020.

1/2 Off. That’s math you can work with! Symphony Math. 2 Year site license (and then some more) for the price of 1!

Get a free year (or more!) when you purchase Symphony Math site license by June 30, 2020

Everyone needs help with math! Here’s some math that really helps: 2 years of Symphony Math site license for the price of 1!

That’s 1/2 off!

In fact, since we will allow you to trial the software for the remainder of this year on any PURCHASED site license, its more than half off. The earlier you commit, the more you get free!

For example, order today, we will get you up and running ASAP and you can use Symphony for the remainder of this year through June 30, THEN get your two years starting July 1, 2020. Wow, wow, wow! That’s huge!

For NEW school and district purchases ONLY, now through end of June, 2020. A school that issues a purchase order for a site license for $6,750 prior to June 30, 2020 will receive another year for free in that purchase.

Issue a purchase order (PO) for Symphony Math USL $6,750 now and not only will you get access to the remainder of this school year, but also get 2 full years access all for the price of a single year.

The earlier you issue a PO, the longer you get to use Symphony Math, right now, in the second half of the school year. No matter when the PO is issued, you begin after it is received but will receive a license for the program until 6/30/2022 (two years from 7/1/2020). Yay!

That’s math you can work with!


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