“Are teachers becoming obsolete?” asks article….

Are teachers obsolete? No! Well, at least not all teachers…. Technology helps teachers do what they do best, and do it with more learners, but only when its used appropriately. Paul Barnwell argues for a few appropriate uses, including Reading Plus (but not necessarily mind-reading!).

“Are teachers becoming obselete?” asks article. Of course not! But the way we teach has been changing, mostly for the better, for decades….

Paul Barnwell, in an article in The Atlantic, reflects:

Leaving my school building the other day, I had an unexpected realization: Perhaps a computer was a more effective teacher than I currently was. The thought unnerved me, and still does as I’m writing this. I’m a nearly 13-year veteran educator dedicated to reflecting upon and refining my teaching craft. But I’m now considering the real possibility that, for at least part of a class period or school day, a computer could—and maybe should—replace me.

Replace, sure. Free up for more important things that only teachers can do? That seems like a good idea, and is part and parcel of what the “flipped classroom” is supposed to do — when done well…. but of course the flipped classroom is also a great way for bad teachers to be even less helpful to their learners, but I digress….

Anyway, check out Mr. Barnwell’s article, its definitely worth a read. And he specifically calls out Reading Plus as a valuable tool for helping specific problems he encounters–like the sheer difficulty of meeting the needs of an incredibly diverse learner population, even in one class!


And here’s a PDF in case the article moves from its archive URL above:

Personalized Learning Increases Role of Computers in Class – The Atlantic

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