Who won Academic Edge’s Ky Reading Plus and Lexia Core5 Literacy Challenges?

Pulaski and Nelson County Schools Top the Charts

“Through this literacy challenge with Academic Edge and the use of the research-based Lexia Reading Core5 program, we have seen great improvements in our students’ reading abilities. At the beginning of the challenge only 2 percent of our students were on target to meet end-of-year benchmark levels; now 65 percent met them.”
Amy Polston, Principal, Pulaski County Elementary Supervisor

We issued a literacy challenge for this winter and spring. Who could improve their reading outcomes most by optimizing use of Reading Plus or Lexia Core5 reading support software? Over one hundred schools participated, many led during the different months of the challenge, but who won?

Nelson’s Boston School Rocks Reading Plus, Wins $1000

boston school reading plus award

The Boston School, in Nelson Co., led all Kentucky schools in the Academic Edge’s Reading Plus Literacy Challenge this spring. Nice work!

“Reading Plus was the answer we were looking for with our older students. We had been using Lexia to build students’ basic reading skills, and that program provided a way for us to pinpoint what each child needed specifically to move forward and be successful. We needed to build on that with our older students and promote greater comprehension strategies for them.”
Dana Cull, Principal, Boston School


Boston School, Nelson County
57 average SeeReader lessons

“This program provided us an opportunity to motivate our students to read and build comprehension skills that surpassed the simple “recall” of older programs. Our students were motivated by the competititon we incorporated it into this program. All in all the greatest benefit and validation occured after the state KPrep assessment when students remarked that Reading Plus helped them feel successful on the test!”
Dana Cull, Principal, Boston School

Honorable Mention:

Pulaski Co. High School, Pulaski County
52 average SeeReader lessons

(Highest average # of completed SeeReader lessons from January to May)

Rounding out the Top 10 Reading Plus Kentucky Schools

1. Boston School Nelson County
2. Pulaski County HS, Pulaski County
3. Southern MS, Pulaski County
4. Northern MS, Pulaski County
5. Huntertown ES, Woodford County
6. Gamaliel ES, Monroe County
7. Shopville ES, Pulaski County
8. Eminence Independent School District
9. Bloomfield MS, Nelson County
10. Pulaski ES, Pulaski County

Each and every one of these schools are to be congratulated (and of course their students too!). Way to be rocking and rolling readers!

Pulaski’s Shopville ES Leads with Lexia Core5, Earns $1000.

shopville lexia reading award winners in kentucky literacy challenge

Shopville Elementary had the Academic Edge(r) in our recent Lexia Learning Literacy Challenge. Way to go!


Shopville Elementary School, Pulaski County
84% of their students on target for usage January to May

“The program was remarkable in engaging our students, empowering them to work independently and it helped our teachers give each student the support they needed to be more than simply a child who can read; but rather a child who loves to read and read well.”
Amy Polston, Principal, Pulaski County Elementary Supervisor

Honorable Mention:

Bell Elementary, Wayne County
83% of their students on target for usage January to May

(Percent on Target for Usage)

The Top 10 Lexia Core5 Ky Schools

1. Shopville ES, Pulaski County
2. Bell ES, Wayne County
3. Pulaski County ES, Pulaski County
4. Cox’s Creek, Nelson County
5. H.W. Wilkey ES, Grayson County
6. Bloomfield ES, Nelson County
7. Clarkson ES, Grayson County
8. Burnside ES, Pulaski County
9. Boston School, Nelson County
10. Nancy ES, Pulaski County

Way to go! Lexia Core5 can make a big difference in reading and literacy outcomes, but only if you use it. These schools sure know how to use it. Nice work!

Ky Reading Facts: Did you know…

138 Schools registered for the literacy challenge
160 Ky Schools use Reading Plus
326 Ky Schools use Lexia Core5
75,000 Ky Students use Lexia Core5
50,000 Ky Students use Reading Plus
9, the Number of Times Nelson County Schools were in the Top 5
21, the Number of Time Pulaski County Schools were in the Top 5
1, the number of places you can get Reading Plus and Lexia Core5 support in Kentucky.

From Academic Edge, Inc., of course! Oh, #1 is also what we think each of you are, and where your kids should be reading.

How can the Academic Edge team help you?

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