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Reading & Educational Support Services in Ohio

Hey Ohio! We’re new to the Buckeye state.
We’d like to help your students read better.

Academic Edge can make your life easier, help your students read better, make the sun shine, the birds sing, and literacy scores improve.* We provide service and support for Reading Plus, the award wining reading program that helps you help your learners to be better readers, and to enjoy reading more.Reading Plus® is a comprehensive, evidence based software solution for reading assessment and improvement that develops foundational fluency skills for students of all ages. Structured activities are individualized for each student’s needs to ensure development of the “unseen and unheard” fluency skills that are taught the least and tested the most. Learn more about our Reading Plus sales, implementation, and support services.

AND, for a limited time, we are offering free professional development for qualified new purchases… because tools don’t work well if you don’t know how to use them. Let us show you how!
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*3 out of 5 isn’t bad. We can’t really control nature, though you may feel as though the sun was shining and the birds were singing more when you see how easier it can be to help your kids read better, and enjoy reading more.

We’ve done it in Kentucky, now let us help you in Ohio.

22,234 Kentucky students, 74 schools, 877 classrooms. All using Reading Plus. All working with Academic Edge. Now Academic Edge is bringing Reading Plus, and our years of teaching experience with us to Ohio. Are you missing out?

Rick Goldsworthy

Among us, we have decades of in-the-trenches practical classroom and administrative experience. We know what works, what’s evidence based, what’s research and practice proven.

We know how to make learning more effective, and we have the tools schools need to ramp up their learners’ achievement. We can help you improve your literacy and reading comprehension programs for everyone, from struggling readers, to gifted and talented, and everyone in between.