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We make useful, usable, effective & awesome stuff!

We make useful, usable, effective & awesome stuff!

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We help you learn. We help you get things done. We help you design, develop, or evaluate educational, organizational, or behavioral programs and interventions.

We are all about personal, organizational and behavioral change.

Not just trying to make change happen, but conducting the research to know whether and why change occurs. Especially in the social, health, and medical fields. Have an educational or performance problem?

Want people to do something new, or do something better? Need your organization to adopt a new practice?

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What's New in Academic Edge Research?

There’s always something going on at Academic Edge’s R&D division. Whether we have time to write about it? Well, that’s a different story… These are a few of our favorite things… and you can also check out all our news.

Let’s talk about sex: Sexual health topics among adolescents and youth development professionals

New research article by Academic Edge team members describes sexual health issues teens talk about in community-based organizations. Sex. It’s everywhere. It’s, well, what we do. But we don’t talk about it. Or do we? Kids certainly do, and in the darnedest places. And not just the sex thing, but sexual health. The issues identified included relationships, […]
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Suicide & Faith Leaders: Academic Edge discusses what faith leaders do to make a difference and how researchers and developers can help.

Academic Edge discussed its multi-year suicide prevention research project at annual national conference of the American Public Health Association in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 2014. “Faith Leaders play a key role in suicide prevention,” says Rick Goldsworthy, Director of Research & Development at the Academic Edge, Inc., “They are often the first, and frequently only, person to whom […]
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What do sex, kids, and community based organizations have in common? A lot, according to Academic Edge… check it out!

Sex in the CBO: Community Based Organizations as Avenues for Addressing Sexual Health “Sexual health is a problem in the US. Kids get pregnant. Kids get diseases. Kids are in unhealthy relationships. We aren’t doing enough. Maybe we don’t know how, maybe we don’t care, or maybe we just duck and cover, pulling the ostrich maneuver and […]
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