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Assessment, Instruction, and Intervention

You may have worked with the Academic Edge, getting up to speed on reading and literacy with Lexia Core5 or Reading Plus, but what about a solution for mathematics!? We now represent Symphony Math, so in addition to our award winning literacy programs and fantastic customer support, now we can help your students connect with mathematics. Better understanding, faster processing, more connected learning. How can we help you?

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What is Symphony Mathematics?

Many students struggle with math because they rely on arbitrary memorization techniques to answer specific questions. With this approach, students do not gain a substantive understanding of fundamentals and simply cannot adjust to more sophisticated problem solving.

With Symphony Math®, these problems are resolved.

A web-enabled program with a visual and highly intuitive interface, Symphony Math® helps students understand at a conceptual level. Instead of being overwhelmed by numbers, students move at their own speed and learn how math works.

Through every stage of Symphony Math®, students gain a strong foundation in underlying principles and become better equipped to take on basic and advanced subjects. Going far beyond rote math drills and practice tests, this special teaching solution illuminates the core of learning and produces confident, more capable students.

Symphony Math Benchmarker

Screener & Benchmarker

The Symphony Math Screener & Benchmarker is a computer adaptive test that identifies the precise instructional level of each student. Testing is fully integrated into the Symphony Math program, and can be group-administered to all students.

  • Grades K-8
  • Administered three times per year
  • 20-minute average test time
  • Provides standard score and percentile rank
  • Multi-Skill assessment
Symphony Math Instructional Program


The Symphony Math instructional program provides a unique learning path for each student, focusing on foundational number sense to improve overall math ability.

  • Grades K-5
  • Multiple Representations
  • Research-Based and Proven
  • Use At School and Home
  • Concepts and Fluency
  • Classroom Extensions
Symphony Math Class Dashboard

Dashboard & Reporting

The Symphony Math Dashboard provides real-time data to help guide instructional decision making. District, Group, Class, and Individual reports provide information on student math ability and growth. Struggling students are immediately reported, and online Guided Practice materials can be printed or saved for use in small groups or 1:1 interventions.

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