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Symphony Math

Symphony Math (from our original portfolio) is growth-mindset based, visual mathematics that goes beyond memorization for K-5; AND, a 6-8 grade solution is on the way this summer, covering all standards and ready to continue the success of older students. Learn more about Symphony Math!

Light Sail

Light Sail is a literacy platform that lets you buy what you need, when you need it, for students 3rd through college! Working with Metametrics, the father of Lexiles; it assesses students and places them in a “comfortable” Lexile range for great literacy growth. And, it has a module developed by SPED educators that personalizes the presentation of its platform to the special needs of students

Fluency Rev

Fluency Rev with LanguaMetrics, now lets every student reading at PreK-5th grade have someone to listen to them read. Think Amazon Alexa! Students hear models of the reading, record themselves, listen to their errors, see them color-coded on screen and really want to try again and improve! They become more accurate and fluent in their oral reading which is the bridge to strong silent reading; this works! Learn more about FluencyRev!


Penda Learning provides game based Science content aligned to local standards pacing guides with science experiments available for every student in grades 3rd-10th. Help your students master the Science standards using the student data to assign MTSS all inclusive lessons for each student to progress at their own pace. And, it is presented in 60 different languages!


Cloud 9 World is an integrated social & emotional and literacy based solution for P-12. It utilizes character strengths to empower children and teens to make wise choices and embrace mental wellness. All your materials in one place, easy to use, and flexible implementation perfect for teachable moments! Learn more about Cloud9World!

Which do you need now? What should you try in summer school or next fall to increase student gains?

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